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Monthly Newsletter of Christian Scholars Review - Issue #19

Monthly Newsletter of Christian Scholars Review
Monthly Newsletter of Christian Scholars Review - Issue #19
By Dr. Perry Glanzer • Issue #19 • View online
We continue to be encouraged by the growth of the CSR blog and website over time. For example, in August of 2021 our web site had 28,363 visitors. This past August of 2022 our web site had 32,746 visitors. Thank for your part in making this significant growth happen.

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What's New in CSR?
If there is an excellent article for our times today it is Kristin Garrett’s recent CSR article, “Navigating the Double-Edged Sword of Moral Conviction in Politics.” For example, she offers five great pieces of advice (which I must admit I have not always followed): “1) consider which moral convictions we prioritize and which we disregard, 2) pause to allow our automatic visceral response to opposing views to subside, 3) reframe our moral values in ways that those who do not share them might better understand, 4) resist problematic group dynamics that can drive our moral perceptions and responses, and 5) rest in Christ’s righteousness as we work to pursue good policy.” I encourage you to read the whole article.
What's New in Faith-Learning?
In my study of both ethics and higher education, I am always struck by the difference between a Christian and Western Individualistic approach to higher education. The Western Individualistic approach celebrates self-authorship. In contrast, a Christian approach celebrates the importance of learning from wise mentors. Interestingly, the study of excellence reinforces the importance of mentors. You cannot become excellent through self-authorship. In light of this reality, I encourage you to check out this new edited volume on Cultivating Mentors: Sharing Wisdom in Christian Higher Education.
Reflection from the Editor-in-Chief
I recently spent some time interviewing Christian college students at a top Ivy League university, a top Catholic university, and a top Protestant liberal arts college. One of the most striking things to me about those interviewees was the importance that family stability and support played in the lives of these high achieving students. In an age of family fragmentation, it is clear that a loving, stable family structure makes a tremendous difference in helping students not only achieve at a high academic level but do so in a way that prioritizes loving God and others in profound ways. It certainly reinforced my view that we should give marriage and family much more attention in higher education.
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Dr. Perry Glanzer

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