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Monthly Newsletter of Christian Scholars Review
Monthly Newsletter of Christian Scholars Review - Issue #2
By Dr. Perry Glanzer • Issue #2 • View online
Thanks to all the new subscribers to the Christ Animating Learning blog. We now have almost 9,000 subscribers. Feel free to spread the word about the CSR blog using the subscribe feature on our main page.

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What's New in CSR?
In the 50:2 (Winter) issue of CSR, you may have noticed a new feature, “Advice to Christian…” Inspired by Alvin Plantinga’s well known essay, “Advice to Christian Philosophers,” we are starting a series of articles from senior scholars in various disciplines. Our first contribution from Stanley Hauerwas came from the only discipline whose focus of study can be worshiped: Theology. In the forthcoming issue, David Lyle Jeffrey provides advice for future literature professors. If there is a senior scholar from a discipline that you would like to propose for this feature, please send us your suggestion.
What's New in Faith-Learning?
In the last few decades, Protestant Christian higher education has started to expand its graduate education offerings. Ninety percent of these programs offer advanced degrees in the professions (versus the arts and sciences). For these professionals, one of the most important things Christian graduate programs can do is make them aware of Christian professional societies that explore the question: What does it mean to be an excellent Christian [fill in the profession]? On the new CSR “Resources” tab we have created a list of links both to Christian professional organizations and journals associated with these organizations that you may find helpful.
Reflecting Faith: Resources for Christians in the Academy
If you are you seeking ways to deepen your own work or develop your faculty colleagues as Christian teachers and scholars, we want to make you aware of an opportunity this summer. The de Vries Institute for Global Faculty Development at Calvin University is developing a platform of short online courses for faculty. These courses explore theological and practical issues related to the integration of Christian faith with the work of higher education. This platform is called “Reflecting Faith: Resources for Christians in the Academy.”
 The courses in Reflecting Faith are intended to provide busy faculty members with substantial and practically applicable resources to strengthen the relationship between faith and learning in their lives as scholars. They will be offering these courses during two-week periods this coming June, July, and August. Courses typically take 6-7 hours of a participant’s time. Though they are asynchronous, they also include a variety of interactive elements. The courses that they are offering this summer are:
- June 1 - June 11: two courses: Educating for Shalom; The Authority of Scripture
- July 26 - Aug 6: three courses: The World as God’s Creation; Hospitality to the Stranger; Faith and Pedagogy
Individual scholars who sign up for a course will be placed in a group with other participants involved in higher education around the world. They are inviting institutions to consider recruiting cohorts of their faculty members to complete one or more of these courses.
This registration form includes additional details about the courses, as well as instructions for how to sign up. Financial aid is available if the course fee is a barrier. For questions, please contact Matt Lundberg, de Vries Institute director, [email protected]
Reflection from the Editor-in-Chief
I am thankful to all of you who have subscribed and supported this blog. I am especially grateful to see the number of guest posts that have been submitted that deal with issues related to Christian teaching. David Smith has noted in the past that Christian scholars have neglected Christ-animating pedagogy. Hopefully, this blog will continue to be a place for this kind of creative thinking.
On the flip side, one category of Christian thinking has largely been neglected on the blog—a Christian evaluation of a prominent theory in the field (for an exception see our most popular post for this month–George Yancey’s post about antiracism). Perhaps a blog is too short a space, but I do hope to see some of that evaluation in the future. I notice that Christian scholars usually latch on to a couple theories in their field that they find the most consistent with Christianity. Yet, they do not always interrogate these theories by placing them within a theological framework to identify key differences or deficiencies. As a result, they do not demonstrate to students or their readers sophisticated forms of Christian critical thinking. I would like to encourage these kind of guest blog submissions.  
Did you enjoy this issue?
Dr. Perry Glanzer

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