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Monthly Newsletter of Christian Scholars Review
Monthly Newsletter of Christian Scholars Review - Issue #8
By Dr. Perry Glanzer • Issue #8 • View online
The current issue of Christian Scholar’s Review celebrates the 50th anniversary of the journal (see Margaret Diddams’ celebratory announcement post here). We’d love to share the issue with you. If you are interested in receiving extra print copies of the 50th anniversary issue for faculty colleagues or graduate students, please contact Todd Steen at [email protected] Thanks!

Top 5 Faith Animating Blog Posts for October
Fiftieth Anniversary Book Reviews
Guest Post: Reflections on scholarship, motherhood, and faith after more than a year of pandemic living
Taking a Truce on Our Conflict
Responding to Student Excuses with the Wisdom of Solomon
Guest Post: Sports, Character, and Union with Christ
What's New in CSR?
The opening essay of the journal edition celebrating Christian Scholar’s Review’s 50th anniversary starts with an essay by Todd P. Steen and Grace Stevenson sharing the journal’s historical story. What is striking about the narrative is how the journal originated from a small group of faculty at one Christian university. The faithful creativity of this group should be an inspiration to us all.
What's New in Faith-Learning?
Conferences are finally starting to come back. We’ve already mentioned the upcoming CCCU conference February 11-13 (for more information see here). In addition, a conference discussing the best practices in Christian higher education will be held at Abilene Christian University next September. They are now accepting proposals (see here for more details).
Reflection from the Editor-in-Chief
Due to the success of our recent multi-part series addressing the topic of motherhood in the academy (and the book Power Women), we would like to encourage additional thematic submissions in three ways.
First, if you have a topic or a book that you would like to address with three or four other scholars in a once a week format for a month, we’d be glad to hear about your idea.
Second, if you wish to submit an individual or co-authored two or three day blog series on a topic, we’d be glad to consider it as well.
Finally, we will call for blogs addressing specific themes at times. For example, I have mentioned in an earlier blog post that the academy has done a poor job of producing social science research on the influence of mothers (for my earlier post on the topic see here). Thus, in addition to personal narratives, I think it would be interesting to see Christian scholars try to address this research gap even in informal ways.
Perry Glanzer
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Dr. Perry Glanzer

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